Learn how to be a bartender with our Bartending ebook

How to become a Bartender?

Learn how to become a bartender
with our bartending ebook.
You will learn how to mix
over 200 drink recipes
and much more!

Bartending ebook

Bartending Ebook Download and Tips

Our bartending ebook features everything you need to know about how to be a bartender. Inside this bartending ebook you will find the following:


Bar Station: Learn what you would find in a regular bar station. Wanted to know what do the letters in a bar gun mean? You will find out inside this bartending ebook!

Glassware: Find out what types of glasses can be used to serve drinks, you will never doubt which glass to use for wine, whiskey, a cocktail or champagne.

Mixing Equipment: Want to buy your own bar equipment? Find out what mixing equipment you may need! Inside our bartending ebook, you will find sharp images and details about each item you will need for your bar equipment.

fruitGarnish Chart: Learn what type of garnish to use for each one of the drinks you make.

Opening a bar: Every great bartender needs to know how to open a bar, we feature a great check list of the things to do when opening a bar.

Closing a bar: Breaking down a station and leaving a clean, organized, well-stocked bar will be required at any establishment, learn how with our bartending ebook!

Hi-Ball Drinks: These are the most commonly requested drinks to a bartender they can account for over the 60% of the mixed drinks oredered at any bar.

Customer Service: This is very important for a professional bartender, it is essential you conduct yourself in a professional manner.


Collins Drinks: Similar to Hi-Ball drinks; however, most “Collins” drinks consist of more than one liquor and/or juice.

Handling Money: Be careful, inadequate money handling procedures can get you fired!

Martinis and Manhattans: Very popular drinks at lunch, dinner, and “happy hours” . Martini and Manhattan drinkers are very particular in the way their drinks are prepared.

Legal Responsibilities and Intoxication: Learn your responsibilities as a bartender and be the best at what you do!

Cream Drinks: These are dessert-type of drinks, sweet in taste and low in alcohol content. Very popular in the 1950′s ; however, some remain popular today!.

Beers from around the World: Domestic and Imported brands!

Shooters: Wild parties, spring breaks, people going crazy and making almost animal-like noises! Sound familiar? It is usually a lot of shots behind them, learn how to mix shooters!

Two Liquor Rocks: This type of drinks usually have a dry base liquor, such as vodka, gin or whiskey, and a sweet cordial, such as kahlua or amaretto.

Job Hunting: A few suggestion offered by us on how to handle an interview.

Short Sours: These drinks are excellent thirst quenchers and very refreshing!

Tall Sours: Same as short sources, but more popular with the younger crowd.

Service Bar: Service bartending is usually an entry-level position.

Banquet and Private Party Procedures: Learn what the required uniform for a bartender is and what equipment you should carry.

Wine: A professional bartender must have a knowledge of current wine types available, classes of wine and proper serving techniques.

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Champagne: Learn about the meaning of the word, origins and types of champagne and mix drinks using champagne!.

Coffee Drinks: Love coffee? Learn how to mix drinks with it!.

Frozen: Blended drinks are very popular, warm-climate coctails.